Secular Franciscan Order

Founded in 1221, the Secular Franciscan Order is comprised of women and men who are seeking to model their lives after our Lord Jesus Christ in the spirit exemplified by St. Francis of Assisi.

Franciscan Creed

Inspired by the vision of St. Francis, we commit ourselves to the Gospel way of life. We see Jesus Christ as the beginning, the way and the Goal of all creation. We are in pilgrimage trying to reach our Creator and trying to live a life of love. This world vision reveals to us a God who is Creator and a life, which is love. This demands of us a life as sisters and brothers of all people and of all creatures. As weak human beings, we must undergo a continuing conversion, returning always to God as prodigal children.

Christ was poor and Christ was crucified, we seek to share in his poorness and in his suffering. We further commit ourselves to the service of the poor and less privileged. In making our way through life, we are guided more by simplicity, humility, and littleness than by power, prestige and status. Like Christ, like Francis, we seek to be peacemakers, instruments of peace.

Acknowledging the guiding presence of the Holy Spirit, we declare our loyalty to the Church in a spirit of dialogue and cooperation with her ministers. We are conscious of our obligation to share in the life and mission of the church. We are apostles called by Christ to continue God’s work on earth. Our life and our spirituality, however is characteristically secular, in the world and for the world.

Joy sustains our lives, joy fulfills our lives, and we seek the same for others. To achieve all this is difficult, hence we declare our need for personal, communal, and liturgical prayer, especially in the Eucharist of Jesus Christ. Amen.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Secular Franciscan Order

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